In October 2021, China passed the Family Education Promotion Law, marking the first legislation that calls for parents or other guardians of minors to play a dominant role in minors’ education for the first time.

On 23 Oct. 2021, the Family Education Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter “the Family Education Promotion Law”,中华人民共和国家庭教育促进法) was adopted by the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress, which came into effect from 1 Jan. 2022.

With a total of 55 articles in six chapters, the Family Education Promotion Law stipulates family responsibility, state support, social cooperation and legal liability to promote family education.

The law stipulates that parents or other guardians of minors shall assume primary responsibility for the implementation of family education for minors.

It attempts to change the current educational model in China, that is, “the family is only an extension of the classroom and parents are only assistants to the school teachers.”
promulgating_date 2021-10-23
effective_date 2022-01-01
issuing_bodies Standing Committee of the National People's Congress 全国人民代表大会常务委员会

Family Education Promotion Law of China (2021)[家庭教育促进法]

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